Shanks' Gryphon

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A fusion of fandom & flair — slice through all the bad vibes with one mini sword at a time!

🗡️ Iconic novelty props that pay homage
✨ Guaranteed to enhance any showcase
⛩️ Free display-stand included

🎁 Flawless for gift-giving

We are proud to safely deliver to 55+ countries

30 days guarantee
Rack and Tassel
Easy returns

Checkout our remarkable crafts! Paying homage to your favorite characters. Featuring an auto-eject button, securely keep the sheath in place until you're ready to POP it out!

Please note : that our crafts are intended solely for decorative and keyring purposes and is not suitable for sharpening or self-defense. Just a great way to admire the mini aesthetics.

  • Length: 9" / 22cm
  • Blade length: 4" / 10cm
  • Made from steel alloy
  • Included: Free display rack & tassel

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'Unsheathe' The Thoughts Of Fellow Kult Members...

These are actual Katana Kult members in awe of our treasured crafts! Legendary sword designs reworked, itty-bitty style!

ツ 37,500+ Happy Customers

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Treasured Novelties Designed To Be Admired

(in a much tinier and comical form 🤺)

Wield them as letter slashers, fidgets, or striking novelties to decorate any showcase! — a true compact blend of fandom and flair.

Questions? We've got you covered!

While inspired by various knife/sword designs, their focus lies as captivating and artistic works of art.

Made from premium alloy metals, they are entirely safe to handle and are perfect for collection, display and decoration.

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We are proud to offer insured first class shipping to 55+ countries and we cover all customs fees wherever you live.

Our reworked crafts are predominantly metal-casted items – molded, polished, and painted by hand.

Our dedication to the craftsmanship ensures that the creations brought to life are strikingly captivating

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